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Tea Gifts for Christmas

Tired of thinking of what presents to get for your family and friends this Christmas? On a budget but want to give something cute, memorable or even extravagant? Here’s an idea.. Why not try giving tea for once?

Here are some fun ways to give tea as presents this year!

Secret Santa

Secret Santa gifts are a reasonable answer to the unwanted expectation of purchasing many gifts for people you don't even know. A predetermined budget and the luck of your draw. A tea gift is an excellent choice for the Secret Santa event because it is appropriate for people of all ages, genders, and cultures.

The type of present you select is determined by the size of your budget.

Tea in tea bags, loose leaf tea in a colourful tin, or even tea accessories like tea towels, teaspoons, teacups, and tea infusers are all great Secret Santa gifts for Christmas, either by itself or in a set.

Gifts of Gratitude

There are a number of appreciation presents that can be given to the people you come across in your daily lives.

Your little ones may get a present for the teacher they’re most comfortable with, and you can maybe get a little something for your neighbour that accepts parcels and keeps a look out on your property while you are away on vacation or business trip.

There are people in your life that deserve a small gratitude gift at this time of year, such as your babysitter, waitresses, or security guards. A single tea, a mug packed with tea bags, or a cute ceramic cat tea infuser mug is a nice way to say thank you in a simple yet pleasant way around this time of year.

You’ll never know how a nice little gesture could change their whole day around!

Far Far Away…

If you have friends or relatives that are staying overseas, you know the restrictions when it comes to sending gifts over. However, we have the best suggestion for you and of course… It's tea! Specifically – tea caddy!

The tea caddy arose from China's export industry to the rest of the globe. To keep the leaf tea dry and in great condition, it was sealed in tins. A modern or vintage tea caddy loaded with a one-of-a-kind or favourite tea mix is a beautiful present to give to a distant friend or relative. The tea will arrive in perfect condition, letting them know that you are thinking of them even though they are far far away.

Workplace Gifting

There are other Christmas workplace gift-giving occasions besides Secret Santa. Client relationships are an important component of doing business. It takes time and work to nurture that relationship, and a proper Christmas present can help solidify and preserve such bonds.

A tea gift set is perfect because it may be given to an individual or a group. A tea gift set that includes a variety of tea for them to try out is an appealing gift for an individual, as is a tea gift set that includes a tin of loose-leaf tea and a ceramic tea infuser.

Your staff will enjoy a personal Christmas present from you in addition to any structured contribution. An adorable present with a handwritten letter that shows you took the time to think of them specifically. The gift can be as simple as a Christmas tea blend, a cute infuser, or a lovely teacup with lid and saucer, as the thought is what counts on these celebrations.

You have worked with some coworkers and colleagues for many years. Your relationships were built through shared experiences, laughter, and tears. They've become friends, and you've established a tradition of giving small gifts at Christmas.

Send a Gift of Calm Today

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Blooming Tea Gift Box of 6

Some offices have a Christmas tradition in which everyone in a department exchanges gifts, regardless of how new you are, and this demands a deft approach. A selection of teas in biodegradable pyramid tea bags is a versatile and adaptable present that provides a number of possibilities for each individual. Nonetheless, you can never go wrong with tea, and just enjoy yourself at the parties!

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