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Huangshan Maofeng

Huangshan Maofeng

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One of the most popular Chinese green teas, Maofeng spans a history of over 200 years. For this tea, new unopened tea buds more or less covered in white hair are picked, along with the first and second leaves. With a light, mouth-watering aftertaste, it’s a refreshing tea that comes with a light floral aroma.

What Does Maofeng Tea Taste Like?

With notes of chestnuts and spring florals, it has a brilliantly clean, smooth and balanced taste. Mild and with no astringency to it, the flavour develops further with sweeter overtones and delicate fruit notes, such as apricots and peaches.

How to Brew Maofeng Tea

Steep about 3g tea leaves in 80°C water (slightly cooled after boiling)  for 2-3 minutes.

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