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Westlake Longjing

Westlake Longjing

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Known for its green colour, long-lasting aroma and mellow taste, Long Jing is one of the highest-quality green teas around. Once considered the "tea of the emperors", it has an aroma that is warm and complex — reminiscent of baked mung beans and a distinctive floral accent.

What Does Long Jing Tea Taste Like? 

Savoury with hints of grainy, nutty and bean flavours, with a sweetness most evident in its aftertaste. This tea has a dense, sharp taste and an accent of slight astringency.

How to Brew Long Jing Tea

Steep about 4g tea leaves in 80-85°C (barely started to simmer) water for 2-3 minutes. 

Take note!: If the leaves are steeped in water that is too hot, the resulting brew will be bitter and may not have the health benefits you would gain from brewing the tea in less hot water.
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