About Shinrinyoku Tea

loose leaf tea in a can

Highlighting the healing powers of nature, Shinrinyoku is a combination of two Japanese words: shinrin (forest) and yoku (bathe). Our brand believes that it’s important to take a few minutes each day to settle your mind — and what better way to do it than with a cup of quality artisanal tea?

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A reminder to pause and appreciate the unfolding of life's beauty, our Blooming Teas can help bring an element of calm to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For this collection, the dried flowers are stitched with premium maofeng green tea leaves, one of China's most famous green teas. The floral bulbs will slowly bloom as boiling water is poured over them.

Our Loose-leaf Teas are selected for their purity and flavour, offering an authentic tea experience that transports you to the lush, verdant fields from whence they came. Meanwhile, the TCM Teas in our collection are specially formulated according to ancient wisdom, blending herbs and leaves that promote balance and well-being in both body and spirit.

Lastly, our Imperial Loose Tea Leaves are sourced from the finest estates, representing the pinnacle of tea craftsmanship and luxury.

More than just a Singaporean tea brand, Shinrinyoku is a lifestyle that encourages a deep connection with nature, mindfulness, and self-care through the simple, yet profound act of enjoying tea. 

Experience Shinrinyoku Today

We invite you to embrace this ritual, allowing our teas to be the bridge between the daily grind of your urban life and the tranquil, healing embrace of nature. 

Discover the peace and delight that lies in a leaf — and let Shinrinyoku guide you to a place of balance, clarity, and restoration.