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Moonlight White Tea

Moonlight White Tea

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With its name derived from its crescent-shaped buds, Moonlight White Tea has a fresh fragrance and smooth taste. A popular Chinese white tea, some may say it is a raw Puerh tea, with its well-balanced flavour that can lean towards sweet and woody.

What Does Moonlight White Tea Taste Like?

This tea has a creamy texture and a clean, refreshing flavour. With subtle notes of mild maple sap and sweet hay that are characteristic of Yunnan teas, the fruity and floral flavours may remind you of cherry blossoms.

How to Brew Moonlight White Tea

Steep about 4g tea leaves in 80°C water (slightly cooled after boiling)  for 2-4 minutes.  

Take note: 

  • When brewing white tea, always use freshly boiled water. This type of tea is so delicate that even the best tea leaves can be ruined by low-quality water. 
  • Avoid using boiling water as this will destroy the tea’s delicate flavour.
  • You can experiment with brewing this tea at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time.
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