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As Japan's most popular tea, it’s no surprise that there is an art dedicated to enjoying Sencha Tea. Lighter than most other green teas, it’s known for its refreshing summer aroma and a flavour that is vegetal, grassy and green.

What Does Sencha Tea Taste Like?

Fresh, herbal, grassy flavour. With vegetable notes like kale, Brussels sprouts and spinach. May have an astringent taste that typically evolves from sour to sweet to savoury.

How to Brew Sencha Tea

Steep 5g tea leaves in 80°C (barely started to simmer) water for 2 minutes. You can choose to top off your tea with a small amount of piping hot water, and enjoy.

Take note!: Sencha tea requires a lower brewing temperature and shorter brewing time than most teas. The tea can taste bitter if it is steeped for too long or at too high of a temperature — which overshadows its fresh qualities.

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